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Friday, October 5, 2012

Columbia Lake Health Club is closing

Sad news today that one of our competitors, Columbia Lake health Club is closing its doors effective Dec 21/12. After only operating for 5 years, it's a shame for our community to lose a facility which encouraged active lifestyles.

However the real tragedy is the loss of jobs for their employees. It will be hard for our local industry to absorb all of these dedicated people.

A community like ours should have more facilities for different people rather than fewer facilities which continue to cater to the same 15% of our fit population.We need to encourage more people to be active, not less.

At Northfield, we are about to launch our iCAN movement program in early December. Our goal is to educate those who need to live healthier lifestyles by offering a program of movement, meal options and motivation. Our motto is Move-Eat-Thrive! We have created a new space specifically for this program which is more private so people can move without feeling on display. Coaches will offer support & motivation & help celebrate successes no matter how large or small. Our goal is to eventually transition our iCAN graduates to our other fitness areas (where people are still not on display) and to help and encourage their ongoing successes. This is just one of the many ways that Northfield is unique in its offering.

For more information on our iCAN program, contact Kelly Ellis, Fitness Director at

Friday, September 14, 2012

New York City passed the first U.S. ban of oversized sugary drinks on Thursday in its latest controversial step to reduce obesity and its deadly complications in a nation with a weight problem. (Reuters)

Seems a bit 1984 to me? Is this really going to reduce obesity? If the ultimate goal is to reduce the burden on our healthcare system, wouldn't education and support help people more.  In November, we will be launching our iCAN program at Northfield. Our goal is to educate and motivate people within our community to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. Temptations will always be around us. The goal is to try to make better choices.. most of the time.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Organic versus conventional food....


 The debate rages with Stanford University doctors concluding eating organic isn't that much healthier. More here...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September is here!
Our expansion is progressing but due to some unforeseen issues, we do not anticipate opening up the new space until the end of October/beginning of November. The new Yoga studio, inhouse XRZone and iCAN movement areas will follow in mid to late November. We are excited about these new spaces and look forward to offering you additional programming once they are open..

In the mean time, we have added new kids and teen fitness programs, Andrew Mount, our new Assistant Squash Director arrives Sept 10th and willl be rolling out new junior squash programs in October and doubles programming in early November. The Fall fitness schedule starts Sep 10th and Kelly Ellis, our Fitness Director will be adding more classes once our Yoga studio is open in November. Junior and adult tennis programs are quickly filling up. Check out the beginner workshop if you want to try something new this season.

More natural light in cardio & cybex/free weights, doubles squash, infared yoga, iCan movement area & a designated area for kids (Xrzone).... Stay tuned for further updates... it will be here in no time!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New addition unfolding...

 View from outdoor courts into new cardio (above) & weight room (below)

                                              New cardio room

                     Windows above barn looking into cardio room

                     View from cardio room to outdoor courts & future deck!

Thanks to our amazing trades for working so diligently in this heat. ETA for opening is October 2012.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Construction Photos

                                      New Doubles squash court!
                                         Steel going up
                               Existing Cardio room/ future yoga studio
                                         Future cardio room
                                 Doubles Squash court & viewing gallery

Our trades are doing a wonderful job and moving faster than expected! We're excited for September!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Six Workout Wreckers

Doing cardio and weights but not getting the results you desire? Here are 6 workout wreckers you should avoid:  Click: six-workout-wreckers